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In Netherlands, RPG has a general test station for testing of vertical pumps, process pumps, and multistage pumps with power up to 500 kW. The new test station in Middle East is designed to test process pumps up to 10 MW. This test bed is considered the largest test facility in this region.


In addition to aiding the development of new products, testing also ensures the quality of the pump output. All pumps leaving the production plant of RPG are fully tested to both international standards (ISO 9906 and API) and customer-specific requirements. On our test beds, highly engineered pumps and packages (including the contract driver) for the oil and gas industry as well as petrochemical industries are tested before delivery to site. The enormous Middle East facility is equipped with the required systems to test pumps up to 10 MW. The test bed provides sufficient space to install skids, including pump and driver, and, if required, the contract VSD plus all of the support equipment, such as mechanical seal and lubrication systems.

Test facilities



Closed loop according ISO 9906

Closed loop capacity

1.000 m³/hr

3.000 m³/hr

Wet pit capacity

8.000 m³/hr

20.000 m³/hr

Max test pressure

150 bar

250 bar

Power range

1kW – 500kW

1kW – 10MW

We utilize custom designed PLC based automated pump testing software (APTS) that allows all system parameters to be monitored and controlled from a central control station.

  • Calibrated magnetic flowmeters, pressure, vibration, torque, temperature and speed measuring equipment
  • Variable frequency drive for precise speed control
  • Various Test motors
  • RPG test procedure based on API 610 criteria
  • Standards can be modified to meet specific customer requirements

Pump speed and power output of the VSD will be measured during each performance test.

The RPG hydraulic test facilities are designed for all kind of pumps to be performance tested in accordance with ISO 9906 grade 1 and 2, or corresponding test standards, and are part of our quality control system.