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The GTR Pitot tube pump is a single-stage, ‘low-flow, high-pressure’ rotodynamic pump. The revolutionary design behind is remarkable uncompleted, with a rotating case using centrifugal force to accelerate liquids through a stationary Pitot tube. The result is a steady, pulsation-free, high-pressure stream achieved with relatively low operating speeds.

This simplicity on design compared with other pump solutions practically reduces maintenance:

  • There are not wear-rings, throat or throttle bushings
  • No complex piston, rods, springs or sophisticated control systems of reciprocating pumps
  • Drive shaft isolated from process liquid
  • Only one mechanical seal and subject to only suction pressure

Thousand of applications and million of hours of operation experience.

This simple design and improved experience means superior performance, simpler operation, longer pump life and low cost of operation and inventory.

GTR – Design Features