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The GTR Pitot tube pump is a single-stage, ‘lowflow, high-pressure’ rotodynamic pump. The design concept behind the revolutionary Pitot tube pump is remarkably uncomplicated, with a rotating case using centrifugal force to accelerate liquids through a stationary Pitot tube. The result is a steady, pulsation-free, high-pressure stream achieved with relatively low operating speeds.

The simplicity of this true single-stage pump design practically eliminates maintenance. There are no packing glands, wear rings, throat or throttle bushings as in conventional centrifugal pumps. No complex pistons, rods, valves, springs, or sophisticated system controls of reciprocating pumps – these are all worries of the past.

Drive shaft bearings are isolated from liquid flow, protecting from washout and possible pump damage. Thousands of on-line applications throughout the world – millions of operating hours – have proven the durability and efficiency of this design. There is only one dynamic seal in the suction side of the pump. No high-pressure dynamic seal. This means superior performance, simpler operation, lower operating costs, reduced parts inventory and longer pump life.

Product features

  • Optionally available in API 610 model
  • Stable 100% pulsation-free flow
  • Self-venting
  • Wide operating range up and down the curve
  • Low-pressure shaft sealing
  • Few moving parts
  • Simple control equipment, no need for relief valves, bypass pressure relief, pulsation dampeners
  • Simple design; only two basic working parts, rotor and Pitot tube
  • Bearings isolated from pumped fluid
  • Conventional horizontal arrangement with standard motor
  • Long seal life due to pump design (low pressure and little shaft deflection)
  • Low spares inventory costs
  • Good efficiencies compared with high-speed pumps and positive displacement pumps
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy access to seal without disturbing drive alignment

GTR – Design Features

Maximum Capacity Up to 110 m3/h
Maximum Head Up to 1,900 m
Maximum Temperature Up to 400˚C
Power Supply
Material DesignCarbon steelStainless steel
DuplexCast steel
Cast iron
Pump Size
Applications & LiquidsPetrochemical industryOil and gas industry
High-pressure injectionAmmonia
High-pressure boiler feedPaper and pulp industry
High-pressure cleaning
AdvantagesHigh FlexibilityHigh Efficiency
Stable 100% pulsation free flowSelf venting
Wide operating range up and down the curveLow minimum flow
Low pressure shaft sealingLittle moving parts
High reliabilityLow maintenance
Low operating costs