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The RPG RCBB5 double casing, radially split, between bearing pumps (barrel pumps) are designed to meet high pressure and temperature requirements in the oil and gas and power generation industry. The RCBB5 pumps are designed to meet the toughest and most demanding requirements of API 610. The barrel can be fitted with single- or multistage inner case assemblies, using volute or diffuser casings. The axial thrust loads are balanced by opposed impeller design or axial balancing drums. The barrels are made of forged or cast materials to meet the required strength. The RCBB5 pumps offer seal chamber design in accordance with API 610 to allow installation of API 681 single and double cartridge types of mechanical seals.

Product features

  • Full compliance with API 610 10th (ISO 13079) type BB5
  • Forged or cast barrel casing
  • Centre-line casing keyed for thermal expansion on high-temperature application
  • Custom hydraulic design, optimized by CFD analysis
  • Optional low NPSH impeller on first stage
  • Heavy-duty shaft design for optimal stiffness and minimum deflection
  • Axial thrust balance by balancing drum or opposed impeller design
  • Leakage-free bearing sealing. Optional ‘INPRO seal’ for bearings protection
  • Exceptional heat removal from bearings
  • Different bearings and lubrication options available (antifriction bearings, journal radial bearings, tilting pad thrust bearings)
  • Seal chamber design to accommodate API 682 seals

API - Series BB5 – Design Features

Maximum Capacity Up to 2,000 m3/h
Maximum Head Up to 4,000 m
Maximum Temperature Up to 300˚C
Power Supply
Material DesignCarbon steel, chrome steel, stainless steel, duplex and super duplexMaterials of construction in accordance with the latest API 610 Annex H Table H.1
Special material and coatings available
Pump Size
ApplicationsOil and gas industryHydrocarbon processing
Liquefied gas processingPetroleum production and refining
Utility pumpsHot fluid transport application
Power plantsHigh-temperature service (boiler feed)
High-pressure boiler feedHigh-pressure injection
Pipeline booster pumps
AdvantagesLow maintenance costsLow operation costs
Ease of installation