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The RPG RCBB3 series is designed as a multistage, heavy-duty, axial split casing pump in accordance with all of the requirements of API 610. It is engineered and built for high-pressure,
heavy-duty applications. The RCBB3 features a bigger shaft for low shaft deflection, and large sealing chambers to fit a wide range of API 682 single and double cartridge mechanical seals. Individual impellers balancing and complete rotor assembly balancing ensure optimal performance and minimal vibrations. The pump hydraulic design is fully optimized by using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis. Special designs are available to meet customer requirements.

Product features

  • Full compliance with API 610 (ISO 13709) type BB3
  • In-line or opposed impeller arrangement
  • Axially split casing to allow easy access to pump internals
  • Radial and axial thrust balance is assured by diffuser design and balance piston or impeller arrangement
  • Near centre-line support and heavy-duty design
  • Ball/ball, sleeve/ball, sleeve/tilting pad bearings
  • Vibration and temperature monitoring

API - Series BB3 – Design Features

Maximum Capacity Up to 2,000 m3/h
Maximum Head Up to 1,500 m
Maximum Temperature Up to 200˚C
Material designCarbon steel and Cr-Ni cast steel, 316
Duplex, super duplex
Materials of construction in accordance with the latest API 610 Annex H Table H.1
Special material and coatings available
Pump Size
ApplicationsOil and gas industry
Hydrocarbon processing
Liquefied gas processing
Petroleum production and refining
Utility pumps
Hot fluid transport application
Power plants
High-temperature service (boiler feed)
High-pressure boiler feed
High-pressure injection